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What I Treat

Eating Disorders

Disordered eating is very common and can be a reaction to feeling intense emotions and wanting to escape from these feelings. My extensive background in treatment of eating disorders can help you develop other coping skills and find peace with food and body.

I use evidence-based CBT, DBT, and family based treatment for adolescents to treat the following:

- Anorexia Nervosa

-Bulimia Nervosa

-Binge Eating Disorder

- Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

- Other food and body image concerns


Self-Esteem and Life Transitions

Self-esteem is core for a life in which someone can thrive. Self-esteem can be impacted by body-image, career, school, relationships, and lessons we have internalized in early childhood. Improving self-esteem takes compassion, unlearning negative patterns, and quieting the voice of self-doubt.

Life transitions can be challenging. Whether it is the change to/from college, moving to a new place, starting or ending a relationship, becoming a parent, or something else, I can help you navigate these uncertain waters.


Depression and Anxiety

Do you feel worried a lot? Even when it seems like things are going well?  Do you feel sad, numb, or disconnected from life or relationships? Depression and anxiety can feel lonely and get in the way of being present in your life. But there is hope.


I use a CBT framework to explore how emotions, behaviors, and thoughts are connected and start to make positive change. I also incorporate ACT values exploration and exposure-based principles, when appropriate, to treat the following: 

- Major depression

- Generalized anxiety

Social Anxiety

You can read more about anxiety in these articles on Wondermind by Selena Gomez


High Performing Teens

Teens today have a high number of demands on their time and attention.  If your teen is involved in academics, sports, extracurriculars, and college prep, they may be feeling overwhelmed.

I specialize in working with high performing teens to manage the pressures of their lives and keep them performing to their highest level.



Student athletes are juggling the demands of being a full time student and a full time athlete.  This life comes with unique stressors and pressures.  I have worked extensively with student athletes at UCLA to navigate the demands of academics, coaches, teammate dynamics, social media, and decisions around "going pro".  

I have also worked with those transitioning out of sport to navigate identity dynamics and help them make a smooth transition.

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