I offer a variety of trainings for professionals, parents, and individuals in the community.  These trainings can vary based on your needs and interests.  I offer training on eating disorders/body image, race/racial issues, high achieving teens, and more. Each training will be suited to your level and customized to reach your goals.  Trainings can be conducted virtually over zoom or in person for an additional fee.

See below for specific training options for medical professionals.

Please reach out via the form on my homepage for more information or to set up a time to talk.

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Eating Disorder Training for Medical Professionals

I offer a specific training in eating disorder identification, assessment, and treatment for medical professionals.  Primary care, family medicine, and other specialties are often the first professionals to see an individual with an eating disorder.  Unfortunately, most training in medical schools is inadequate for physicians to feel comfortable with this population. The training will be developed with your specific patients in mind and can include more specific communities such as eating disorders in BIOPC or eating disorders in athletes. Click the button below to complete a training interest form.